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Mobile Kitchens (Concession Trailers) - General Information

Mobile KitchensSilver Star Metal Fabricating has been manufacturing premium quality  mobile kitchens since 1984. We have built hundreds of mobile kitchens that are still in use across North America. All the mobile kitchens are custom designed by either our customer or our design team.


Every new mobile kitchen is discussed in detail with our customer. We ensure our customer is fully in control of the final product. With concept and layout drawings we ensure that our customer can visualize what the final product will look like. Throughout the years we have manufactured mobile kitchens small and large ranging from 10ft all the way to 34ft. The trailers and trucks are typically supplied by our customer with our advice and guidance. The interior equipment can be supplied by Silver Star Metal as well or the customer can look into and purchase their own. We only recommend commercial heavy duty kitchen equipment.


At Silver Star Metal Fabricating we want our customers to be happy with our final product.  After being in the business for over 25 years we are extremely pleased when customers return to purchase another mobile food vending product. 


Why purchase a mobile kitchen from Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc. ?


As a mobile food equipment manufacturer for over 25 years we have the knowledge and experience to build a quality mobile kitchen that lasts for years to come. Other mobile kitchen manufacturers simply install purchased stainless steel food equipment such as sinks, countertops, cabinets, exhaust hoods, coolers, and shelving. Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc. manufacturers the sinks, countertops, cabinets, exhaust hoods, coolers, and shelving in house which allows the interior to be completely customized. The seamless stainless steel interior is unlike any other since all the stainless steel equipment we manufactured is a perfect fit for only your mobile kitchen.


As an experienced manufacturer we know what type of equipment a successful business requires. We use top grade commercial equipment and ensure that gas and electric equipment are installed properly. Other manufacturers with their limited experience may select and install an inadequate generator for your power needs, this will surely cause problems for a successful business. Our staff are highly skilled in electrical and gas connectivity which will ensure your mobile kitchen functions as its intended.


Quite simply, there is no better choice.


  Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc. Others
Stainless Steel Clad Walls and Ceiling Yes, all walls and ceiling are clad with bright quilted 24 gauge Stainless Steel.  Others typically do not clad the walls or ceiling allowing grease to attach  itself to hard to clean surfaces. No
Premium Insulated Walls Yes, the walls are insulated to retain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. No
1/8" Aluminum Tread Plate Flooring Yes, the floor is custom fit with 1/8" Aluminum Tread Plate.  Others typically use laminate, linoleum, or vinyl which burns on contact with hot grease. No
Custom Stainless Steel Equipment (Countertops, etc) Yes, all Stainless Steel equipment such as countertops, sinks, cabinets, coolers, exhaust hoods, and shelving is manufactured in house for a custom perfect fit.  Others will purchase stainless steel equipment in standard sizes creating an unpleasant irregular appearance that does not mesh together. No
Over 25 Years Mobile Food Vending Equipment Experience Yes, and unlike others we can prove it. Some
Professionally installed Electric and Gas Food Equipment Yes, our skilled workers have certification in gas and electric connectivity. We use only heavy duty BX (metallic sheathed) electric cabling complete with a fuse box. Some
Heavy Duty Doors, Windows, and Locks Yes, we only use heavy duty doors, heavy duty aluminum windows, and heavy duty stainless steel paddle locks. Others will use plastic windows, and cheap chrome plated steel locks. No
Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Yes, we only use fluorescent lighting in our mobile kitchens. Others may use old style incandescent lighting which creates heat and require frequent replacement. Some
Professionally Installed Fire Suppression Systems Yes, we always use certified fire suppression system installation specialists. All fire suppression systems are provided with a certificate required by many health departments. Some


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